CCMA 2020, June 4-6, Sioux Falls, SD
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Rebuilding Food Sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation speaker: Nick Hernandez, founder, Makoce Agriculture Development

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Join 350+ of your fellow cooperators in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as they share ideas and inspiration to strengthen their co-ops and communities, address issues of equity and democracy, and challenge the status quo. We are excited to have The Co-op Sioux Falls as our CCMA 2020 host!

The CCMA 2020 theme, Rooted in Community: Embracing our Diverse Identities, pays homage to the vast prairie that blankets South Dakota. The rolling landscape of tall grasses and wildflowers harbors a rich diversity of plants, animals, and pollinators. The swaying grasses are just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden underground, the massive root systems of prairie plants extend deeper into the soil than the stems that rise above. These root systems store nutrients, build and anchor fertile soils, resist drought, and filter water. Titans of resilience, prairies have adapted over time, surviving droughts, fires, and intensive grazing. These periods of turbulence play an important role in triggering regeneration.

The grocery cooperative community is in a period of turmoil with increased competition, and market disruptions, and pressure to better reflect and serve our communities. Let us use this time as an opportunity to both reflect and regenerate. As cooperatives, our resilience lies in our deep, interconnected roots, and how we embrace our diverse identities. Only by leveraging both will we thrive.

The conference is organized by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives with assistance from a planning committee comprised of co-op managers and board members, representatives from cooperative associations, development organizations, financial partners and other various allies.

What people are saying about CCMA

"I’ve been to about eight different conferences over the years. This was my first time at CCMA. It was the best conference I’ve been to, one where all the talks were helpful to me."

Rebekah Fowler, Vice President, First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op, Corvallis, OR


Monica White presents at CCMA 2017

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