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Co-op Road Trip

Co-op Tours are BACK!!!!!

We all want to get out and see the world! Since we can’t do that safely quite yet, we’re going on a virtual co-op road trip! Join us as we explore six cooperatives around the country. Much like our in-person conference, the co-op tours are your chance to get into the store and hear what makes the co-op special! Register for CCMA today to gain access to these on-demand videos of co-op tours!

Co-op Road Trip videos are pre-recorded and available during the duration of the conference. Find them on the Whova Agenda.

Who is on the tour?

Climb in and join us for a cross-country ramble to visit six colorful cooperatives across the U.S.A. with signature histories and stories to tell.

Urban Greens Co-op Market, Providence, Rhode Island

We’ll first pull into Providence, Rhode Island to meet our youngest food co-op on the tour, Urban Greens Co-op Market, which opened in 2019. We’ll hear about their years-long effort to open and their climb to 3,000 members.

Sevananda Natural Foods Market, Atlanta, Georgia

Sauntering down south, we introduce ourselves to Sevananda Natural Foods Co-op, the jewel of Atlanta, Georgia. Learn how a yoga collective transformed into a natural foods market and what it’s like to be a co-op that does not sell meat products.

Harmony Food Co-op, Bemidji, Minnesota

We head back north to cozy Bemidji, MN to find Harmony Food Co-op. Hear the amazing tale of the role a food co-op has as part of the traditional homelands of the Ojibwe Nation and what the co-op has done to connect to the Ojibwe people.

La Montanita Co-op Food Market, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Next, you’ll want to warm up in sunny New Mexico with a tour of La Montañita Co-op. With four retail sites and a distribution center, learn more about what makes this co-op an essential oasis for so many members.

Orcas Food Co-op, Eastsound, Washington

Then we ferry out to the San Juan Islands off Washington state to spunky Orcas Food Co-op. Nestled in the pines of the Pacific Northwest, discover what happens when your food deliveries all come via a giant ship.

Co-op Market Grocery & Deli, Fairbanks, Alaska

Finally, we head into the Northern Lights and escape to Fairbanks where sturdy Co-op Market Grocery & Deli makes a name for themselves in remote inland Alaska. Living in a land of extremes, the Co-op is resilient, just like the members they serve.

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