Breakout Sessions


CCMA 2018 will feature six topic tracks:

Track 1: Courageous Governance: developing a strong board culture, investment in board development, board self-evaluation, strategic planning, board succession planning, resilient board-management relationships.

Track 2:  Be the Best Grocer: pricing strategies, sales, customer service improvement, product mix, merchandising, intentional sourcing, food safety, creating efficiencies, implementing financial improvements, and investment strategies.

Track 3:  Building from Within: investment in staff development, living wage, succession planning, improving staff communications, staff recruitment and retention, unions, how to remove bias from recruitment, development of a strong workplace culture.

Track 4:  Our Diversity is Our Strength: breaking down barriers to co-op membership, increasing access to healthy food, strategies for reaching out to diverse communities, creating a culture of equity, committing to diverse leadership.

Track 5:  Cooperate to Innovate: Strategies to Compete: online ordering, click & connect, meal delivery services, food traceability, strategic partnerships, technology, innovations and tools for driving growth, sustainability, etc.

Track 6:  Outreach and Owner Engagement: Engagement strategies, loyalty programs, making ownership relevant, communicating the cooperative difference, owner education and communication, building a strong board, etc.