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Schedule & Logistics

How will the CCMA 2021 schedule work?

CCMA 2021 will be held over the course of five days, June 7-11, 2021, featuring live plenary, breakout, and networking sessions and some on-demand content like co-op tours.

Each plenary and breakout session session will be followed by discussion groups for attendees to continue the conversation with their peers. Each room will have a moderator, but no prepared content. This is a space for attendees to share ideas on how they can apply lessons from the webinar in their own co-ops and communities. These sessions will not be recorded.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! We will be recording sessions and make them available on-demand to registered attendees. Webinar recordings will be posted within 24 hours on the UWCC YouTube page.


Pre-registration will be required to attend CCMA 2021 sessions.

Please see our registration page for more information.


All CCMA 2021 events will be accessed through an online platform called Whova, so let’s start with directions for how to get there. You have two choices for using Whova:

Which one should you choose? The app has extra social features that make it easy to interact with other CCMA 2021 attendees, and if you sign up on the web you’ll get an email from Whova encouraging you to use the app instead. However, no matter which option you pick you’ll be able to attend all CCMA 2021 events.

What will you be able to do in Whova?

  • View all scheduled CCMA 2021 activities and select the ones you want to attend
  • Access plenaries, breakout sessions, co-op tours, and social events with a single click
  • Set up virtual meet-ups to chat with old friends or make new ones
  • Participate in Discussion Topics in the Community Board
  • Receive updates such as last minute cancellations
  • Get presentation documents and slides (if used in a workshop or other event you’re attending)

Create your account: Whether you download the app or use the web link, you’ll be asked to create an account. It is very important to use the same email that you used when you registered.. Do not use the option to “sign in with Facebook” or other social media platforms.

Who needs an account? Every person in your co-op who will be attending events on their own should make their own Whova account.

Do I need an access code?

No. All registered attendees will be added to the app on June 1, 2021. Watch for a notification email. If you don’t have access to Whova by June 2, email

Can I arrange a virtual meet-up with colleagues?

Yes! Use the community board to schedule a virtual meet-up. You can make it closed (i.e., for a small group of people) or open to any attendees wishing to join.