Flavor Foundations

Thursday, June 10, 6-8 p.m. CT

Flavor Foundations is a 2-hour experience featuring three consumables as portals for self-exploration and connection. Flavor Foundations hosts, Mark Mulcahy and Samuel Vandegrift, will provide attendees with a supply list ahead of time so you have ample time to collect your food and drinks. The experience begins with a grounding exercise. The hosts will then take guests through the ingredients and senses in turn. At past Flavor Foundations gatherings, guests have sipped Albariño, kombucha, and beet shrub; nibbled raw okra, slurped peaches, and devoured roasted turnips. At CCMA 2021, guests are invited to zoom in from the safety and comfort of their living room, den, kitchen, front porch, car, or pool, and are encouraged to dress for the occasion. From ties and three-piece suits to feather boas and pajamas, the options are limitless! Flavor Foundations brings people into a world of the senses and guides them to deeper understanding of themselves and the fellow cooperators sharing the experience with them.

Sign up now even if you are unsure you can attend, and if you can make it, great!

To our collective table we invited strawberries, peas, and bubbly. While you are strongly encouraged to bring these items in particular, your presence alone makes the evening.  We invite you to join us as you are with what you have. 

Come early and stay late. Please bring your favorite memories from CCMA. We cannot wait to share joy together. 


See Supply List

Some things people said about our Flavor Foundations:

“I usually leave my camera off for Zoom events to make leaving easy once I get bored, but tonight’s Flavor Foundations was so much fun that I’m still here half an hour past time with my camera on.”

Shawna Rodgers

“Never before have I made an entire meal out of: 1) peaches, green beans dressed simply with EVOO, s/p/g, and rose, or 2) roasted okra, muskmelon and prosciutto, and Albariño.  Thanks to the two of you for boiling things down to the basics!”

Liz Ash

“Who knew a virtual tasting series could be so much fun? Not me until I participated in [Mark Mulcahy] and Sam Vandegrift’s "Flavor Foundations" webinars this summer. I am no longer fearful of okra, discovered Albariño wine, and learned that you LOVE peaches. The chance to engage all our our senses and play so freely with food and wine was truly a pleasure. Thank you!”

Margaret McComish