Networking at CCMA

There are several ways for attendees to engage with their cooperative peers at CCMA 2024:

  • Virtual Meet-ups: Find attendees with similar interests and backgrounds. The CCMA Team will create a few virtual meet ups, but attendees are encouraged to organize their own within the conference platform.
  • In-person Meet-ups: These are the same as the virtual meet-ups, but IN PERSON! We have two dedicated spaces for in-person meet-ups while in Sioux Falls.
  • Community Board: The Community Board postings let you connect and share information with other CCMA attendees. Post a job listing, solicit ideas from other co-ops, or  share a new tool!
  • Direct Connect: You can also connect one-on-one with other attendees (both in-person and virtual)! Send direct messages or set up video chats with one another.
  • The good old fashioned networking: connect with fellow in person attendees at one of our receptions, near the coffee, or at our closing night party!
Win a Gift Card to Just Seeds Artist’s Cooperative!

We are making it a game! Get points for engaging with other cooperators! The winner will receive a gift card to Just Seeds Artist’s Cooperative – a cooperative of 41 artists committed to social, environmental, and political engagement!

Just Sees Cooperative Members stand together