Planning Committee

The CCMA Planning Committee is comprised of co-op managers and board members, representatives from cooperative associations, development organizations, financial partners and other various allies. By providing input from the wide food co-op movement, the committees’ goal is to ensure that CCMA is a valuable forum for success, innovation and development of the national food co-op movement. The CCMA Planning Committee is charged with guiding the selection of the conference theme and tracks. Committee members provide feedback on speakers, breakout sessions, program, and awards and special events. We are grateful for their commitment.

CCMA 2021 Planning Committee:

  • Darnell Adams, Member, firebrand cooperative
  • Alexis Alexander, Membership Manager, GreenStar Cooperative Market
  • RL Condra, Vice President of Advocacy and Government Programs, National Cooperative Bank
  • Erbin Crowell, Executive Director, Neighboring Food Cooperative Association
  • Gail Graham, Special Advisor, Mississippi Market
  • Bonnie Hudspeth, Co-operative Development, Neighboring Food Cooperative Association
  • Christina Jennings, Executive Director, Shared Capital Cooperative
  • Kathleen Krider, Board President, Willimantic Food Co-op
  • Stacie Larkin, Executive Assistant, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
  • Leslie Mead, Executive Director, Cooperative Development Foundation
  • Dave Olson, Senior Director of Retail Support, National Co+op Grocers
  • Raafe Purnsley, Community Outreach Coordinator, Durham Co-op Market
  • Stuart Reid, Executive Director, Food Co-op Initiative
  • Ladonna Sanders Redmond, Member, Columinate
  • Deb Trocha, Executive Director, UCUR/Indiana Cooperative Development Center
  • Sandy Voit, Trustee, PCC Community Markets
  • Leslie Watson, Member, Columinate
  • Karen Zimbelman, Sr. Director of Membership and Cooperative Relations, National Co+op Grocers