Opening Night Social Hour

Monday, June 7, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. CT

Reckoning invites new growth and that growth asks us first to center ourselves. CCMA 2021 invites you to four opportunities to find your center. Our Opening Night Social Hour consists of four meeting rooms with distinct tones to meet your needs.  

Curious culinary learners may want to engage with insect connoisseur Joseph Yoon in his Brooklyn Bugs cooking class and discover what we may find on future menusCultural watchdogs can employ the arts in poetry workshop exploring contemporary race and equity themes with Black Table Arts. Fact-savvy experts can show it off while racking up points in Co-op Trivia with the UWCC team of Megan Webster and Jack Kear. And last, but never least, meditation-minded nomads can chill with the laid back alpacas from Wick Place Farm.  

We think we have the room that’s right for you. Bring a beverage of choice and join us for our Opening Night Social Hour! 

Brooklyn Bugs with Joseph Yoon 

Got a craving for crickets? In the future according to Joseph Yoon, you will. Joseph is the pioneering chef behind Brooklyn Bugs, a NYC-based initiative founded in 2017 and aimed at stirring appetites and enlightening minds for edible insects. As seen on the Smithsonian Channel, Live with Kelly and Ryan, NPR, and other mediums, edible insects have been endorsed by the United Nations. In tonight’s program, we will learn not only how edible insects address food insecurity and encourage sustainability but also how to make a beautifully prepared plate that includes ingredients like ants and meal worms. Get ready to dig in! 

Joseph Yoon
Black Table Arts Cooperative

Black Table Arts Co-op with Keno Evol 

Springing from the murder of George Floyd and the uprising that followed it in 2020, Black Table Arts Co-op has taken root in South Minneapolis as an arts and education center to inspire and develop black artists. Founder Keno Evol joins us tonight to not only present what it is like to establish a cooperative in the Arts sector but to raise our awareness of racial justice and equity. In this room, Keno will host a discussion and poetry workshop so that we as a cooperative community have a fuller understanding of the value of art in Black culture.  

Co-op Trivia!

How much do you know about co-ops? Join the UWCC team to flex your co-op knowledge and dazzle your co-op peers! This online, interactive trivia will have you guessing which co-op can see aurora borealis, common terrors from the produce department, singing to Name that Co-op Tune, and much more! This room is limited to 50 players. All players will need to download the Kahoot! app to play.

Co-op Trivia
Wick Farm Alpacas

Wick Place Farm with Cheryl Miracle

Nestled in pastoral Caledonia, Wisconsin, Cheryl Miracle runs Wick Place Farm raising honeybees, chickens, and alpacas. Those alpacas – Ulysses, Endeavor, and Harry – have a side gig from farm life. They work as therapists routinely hired out by companies and organizations looking to add their soothing natures to conventional staff meetings. In our alpaca space tonight, you are welcome to meet Cheryl and her companions, and she will answer any questions you may have about Huacaya Alpacas or simply tune in and chill out.