Brittany Baird

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

David Blackburn

Senior Director of Store Development, NCG Development Cooperative

Maggie Cohn

Southeast New England Loan Outreach Officer, Cooperative Fund of New England

Carolee Colter

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Dara Cooper

National Organizer, National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA)

J. Faye Dixon

Board Vice President, Davis Food Co-op

Matt Fuxan

Store Manager (North End) – Boise Consumer Cooperative

Dan Gillotte

General Manager, Wheatsville Food Co-op and Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Mark Goehring

Manager, CDS Consulting Co-op

Michael Gorman

Past Director, Green Top Grocery

Michael Healy

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Bonnie Hudspeth

Co-operative Development, Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Rose Marie Klee

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Lisa Malmarowski

Director of Brand and Store Development, Outpost Natural Foods

Liz McMann

Marketing Services Manager, National Co+op Grocers

Pam Menhert

General Manager, Outpost Natural Foods and Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Laura Miklowitz

Board Director & Facilitator, Hendersonville Community Co-op

Don Moffitt

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Kirsten Moore

Director of Cooperative Services, Willy Street Co-op

Mark Mulcahy

Owner, Organic Options

Doug O'Brien

President & CEO, National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International

Dave Olson

Senior Director of Co-op Development, National Co+op Grocers

Brenda Pfahnl

Director of Programs and Senior Loan Officer, Shared Capital Cooperative

Jess Pierce

Marketing Director, Twin Cities Co-op Partners

C.E. Pugh

Chief Operating Officer, National Co+op Grocers

Karen Rich

Board President, Davis Food Co-op

LaDonna Sanders-Redmond

Diversity and Community Engagement Manager, Seward Co-op

Saul Seyler

Village Store Manager, Boise Consumer Cooperative

Mo Valko

Marketing Manager, Boise Consumer Cooperative

Leslie Watson

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op