Darnell Adams

Trainer and Consultant, Firebrand Cooperative

Alexis Alexander

Membership Manager, GreenStar Cooperative Market

Keely Aubert

Store Director, Sacramento Natural Foods

Brittany Baird

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Jade Barker

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Thomas Beckett

Executive Director, Carolina Common Enterprise

Rebecca Bernhard

Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

Dave Blackburn

Senior Director of Store Development, NCG Development Cooperative

Amanda Charland

Member Services and Outreach Director, Hanover Co-op

Maggie Cohn

Southeast New England Loan Outreach Officer, Cooperative Fund of New England

Carolee Colter

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Dara Cooper

National Organizer, National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA)

Terence Courtney

Director of Cooperative Development & Strategic Insights, Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Patricia Cumbie

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

J. Faye Dixon

Board Vice President, Davis Food Co-op

Michael Droke

Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

Wynston Estis

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Matt Fuxan

Store Manager (North End) – Boise Consumer Cooperative

Dan Gillotte

General Manager, Wheatsville Food Co-op and Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Mark Goehring

Manager, CDS Consulting Co-op

Michael Gorman

Past Director, Green Top Grocery

Michael Healy

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Molly Hemstreet

Executive Co-director, The Industrial Commons

John Herrera

Senior VP of Latino and Hispanic Affairs, Self-Help Credit Union

Jenn Hileman

Development Operations Manager, National Co+op Grocers

Nathan Hixson

Director of Lending & Operations, Local Enterprise Assistance Fund

Davis Hodge

Operations Manager, Durham Co-op Market

Bonnie Hudspeth

Co-operative Development, Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Cindy Johnson

Consultant, Beth Saunders Associates

Doug Johnson

General Manager, Belfast Co-op

Emily Kaster

Health and Body Care Manager, Linden Hills Co-op

Rose Marie Klee

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Nicole Klimek

Director of Design, seven roots

Heather Lazickas

Marketing + Brand Development Manager, seven roots

Rebecca Lee

Director of Purchasing and Merchandising, Twin Cities Co-op Partners

Ana Cecilia Lopez


Board Director, Board Development Committee Chair, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Bellingham Food Co-op

Sally Lyons Wyatt

Executive Vice President & Practice Leader, IRI

Lisa Malmarowski

Director of Brand and Store Development, Outpost Natural Foods

Jon McDonald

Board Chair, Weaver Street Market

Liz McMann

Marketing Services Manager, National Co+op Grocers

Jamila Medley

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Pam Menhert

General Manager, Outpost Natural Foods and Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Laura Miklowitz

Board Director & Facilitator, Hendersonville Community Co-op

Don Moffitt

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Kirsten Moore

Director of Cooperative Services, Willy Street Co-op

Melissa Morin

Board Chair, Bellingham Food Co-op

Mark Mulcahy

Owner, Organic Options

Doug O'Brien

President & CEO, National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International

Dave Olson

Senior Director of Co-op Development, National Co+op Grocers

Ryan Peters

Board Vice Chair, Bellingham Food Co-op

Brenda Pfahnl

Director of Programs and Senior Loan Officer, Shared Capital Cooperative

Jess Pierce

Marketing Director, Twin Cities Co-op Partners

C.E. Pugh

Chief Operating Officer, National Co+op Grocers

Raafe Purnsley

Community Outreach Coordinator, Durham Co-op Market

Prasanna Regmi

General Manager, Davis Food Co-op

Karen Rich

Board President, Davis Food Co-op

Cris Rivera

Finance and HR Manager, Durham Co-op Market

Emily Rogers

Member Education Manager, Hanover Co-op

LaDonna Sanders-Redmond

Diversity and Community Engagement Manager, Seward Co-op

Beth Saunders

Founder & Principal, Beth Saunders Associates

David Schallich

Senior Vice President, National Cooperative Bank

Allen Seidner

Principal, Thought For Food Consulting

Saul Seyler

Village Store Manager, Boise Consumer Cooperative

Ahzjah Simons

General Manager, Sevananda Natural Food Co-op

Ruffin Slater

General Manager, Weaver Street Market

Maggie Sullivan

Board President, Bloomingfoods

Mo Valko

Marketing Manager, Boise Consumer Cooperative

Todd Wallace

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Leslie Watson

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Ed Whitfield

Co-Managing Director, Fund for Democratic Communities

Martha Whitman

Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op

Ray Williams

Operations Manager, Seward Community Co-op

Leila Wolfrum

General Manager, Durham Co-op Market