Emily Anderson

Vice President, Twin Cities Co-op Partners

Emily Anderson head shot

Emily Anderson was a worker co-operative owner for 13 years, at two successful wholesale distribution businesses, Cheese Rustlers, and Roots and Fruits Cooperative Produce, where she served as purchaser and sales and marketing manager. In 1992, she designed and facilitated implementation of an orientation training curriculum for the worker owners for Roots and Fruits. As administrator and consultant for North Country Development Services, 1988-90, she provided board training for more than 25 consumer cooperative clients in MN, WI, and NE, focusing on cooperative expansion, membership development, marketing and communication. She was a member of the development team for the Cooperativa Mercado Central, an innovative Latino marketplace in South Minneapolis from 1999-2001. In 2005, she contributed content to the production of In Good Company: Worker Co-op Toolbox, for the Northcountry Cooperative Development Foundation. In 2012, she joined the board of consumer owned Wedge Community Cooperative, now serving on the Twin Cities Co-op Partners (TCCP) board as Vice President. Beginning in 2012, the Wedge board supported significant renovation and expansion, eventually consolidating with Linden Hills Cooperative, to become the new Twin Cities Co-op Partners. As an independent contractor, Emily continues to work as a co-op educator. Her formal education included graduation from St. Olaf College, and continuing education in business and non-profit management, American Indian studies, and Dakota and Spanish languages.