Mike Anzalone

General Manager, Ozark Natural Foods

Mike Anzalone head shot

Mike Anzalone has been in the grocery industry for more than 15 years. He began his career with Trader Joe’s; and stayed with that organization for nearly 5 years. During that time, Mike became very aware that food can be fun. With an eye to creative merchandising, exciting products and encouraging the staff to bring their best selves; shopping for groceries can become the highlight of a shopper’s week.

For more than a decade, Mike has been with Ozark Natural Foods. He began as a Retail Manager, two years later became the Store Manager; and has been the General Manager for the past two years.

Mike did enjoy being a part of Trader Joes; but very much fell in love with the idea of cooperation. Mike believes that the coop can be a place to make a career; make a living and make a difference. He believes that working at a coop can be more than just a way to pay bills. It can be a place to earn, to learn and grow, to save, to invest and to retire with dignity.

Although Ozark Natural Foods has encountered some severe competition in the past few years, the coop has remained debt-free and has kept a healthy savings. Ozark Natural Foods is 46 years old, has a long and exciting history in Fayetteville Ar. and has exciting plans for the future. No matter the changes in our industry, our coop is here to stay.