Amanda Charland

Position title: General Manager

Website: Hanover Food Co-op

Photo of Amanda Charland

Meet Amanda, the General Manager at the Hanover Co-op Food Stores and Auto Service Centers. With over a decade of experience within the Co-op, she’s woven her expertise into the fabric of the organization through a variety of leadership roles. Amanda is a people-centric systems thinker who focuses on propelling teams forward with vision and empathy. Before her pivotal role at the Co-op, Amanda’s passion for making a difference led her to the non-profit sector, where she focused on climate education and natural resource conservation. Now, she brings this passion to the forefront, continuously seeking innovative ways to support communities through cooperative business practices. Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in ecology and a Masters in Cooperative Management from Sobey School of Business, St. Mary’s University.But Amanda isn’t just about business. When she’s not leading with purpose, you’ll find her rolling up her sleeves to volunteer or embracing the thrill of the great outdoors with her family. Whether she’s tearing up trails on her mountain bike or carving fresh tracks on her snowboard, Amanda embodies the spirit of adventure in all aspects of her life.