Bonnie Hudspeth

Position title: Independent Consultant

Website: Firebrand Cooperative

Photo of Bonnie Hudspeth

Bonnie Hudspeth is an Independent Consultant with Firebrand Cooperative. As an experienced community organizer, facilitator, and project manager, she brings over two decades of experience in the cooperative and non-profit sectors. She specializes in leadership, organizational, and systems development. She serves as Vice President for the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast, advancing community-based, cooperative, and democratically owned or managed enterprises across the Northeastern United States. For more than a decade, she led Co-operative Development for the Neighboring Food Co-operative Association, supporting the shared learning, innovation, and success of more than 45 food co-ops and startup initiatives across the Northeast. Prior to that, she was the project manager leading all pre-operational and membership development and fundraising to open Monadnock Food Co-op(2013) in Keene, New Hampshire. She’s all about cooperatives and community ownership of all the essential things we need to thrive.