Laura King

Position title: Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator

Website: Columinate

photo of Laura King

As a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Mediator Laura centers human relationships, mindfulness, and communication in her work. She knows that growing people is at the heart of growing cooperatives. She has 25 years of experience exploring both the art and science of adult development while supporting leaders and creating aligned teams.  Her workshops and coaching focus on the deeply human need to learn and innate desire to realize one’s full potential.

A front row seat in co-operative leadership and human resources has provided insight into how much time and energy at workplaces is spent on avoiding uncertainties, covering up weaknesses, managing people’s impressions, and longing for more confidence. Drawing on the wisdom of Brene Brown, David Whyte, Resmaa Menakem and the leadership pioneers with Minds at Work, she shares insight on ways to overcome obstacles to change. Her work aligns with the inner development goals (being, thinking, relating, collaborating, acting) put forth by the UN as a pre-requisite for sustainable change.