Lisa Malmarowski

Position title: Marketing and Retail Operations Consultant

Website: Columinate

photo of Lisa Malmarowski

Lisa Malmarowski started her retail career as a cashier but quickly found her niche helping small businesses thrive through dynamic purchasing and merchandising to build sales. Her time as a sales representative for a food co-op wholesaler hooked her on the power and resiliency of cooperation. Over her 27 years as Director of Brand and Store Development for Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she has helped the co-op grow through multiple expansions, new store locations, a wholesale division, as well leading the team for Outpost’s award-winning magazine, Graze. She also provides marketing and retail operations consulting through Columinate, a consulting cooperative. Her skills include business planning, team building, merchandising, copywriting, creative promotions, competitive market assessments, store layout and design, and identifying consumer trends. Whether spearheading cooperative initiatives or leading team-building activities, Lisa’s sense of humor serves as a bridge that unites individuals and fosters a positive, inclusive culture.