Pam Mehnert

Position title: GM Mentor and Coach

Website: Columinate

photo of Pam Mehnert

Pam Mehnert retired as General Manager of Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2023 after forty-two years with the co-op, thirty-six as general manager. Outpost operates four store locations in a competitive market and a wholesale division of their business, generating over $50 million in annual sales. Under Pam’s leadership the co-op relocated its original store, opened three additional locations, and has undertaken numerous remodels, expansions, and related projects to meet the co-op’s vision of a healthy, diverse, and sustainable community. She is currently providing mentoring and coaching for general managers through Columinate, a consulting cooperative. Her belief in the power of cooperation, and expertise in team building, accountability, deep listening skills, and creative problem solving have helped hundreds of leaders succeed and thrive throughout the country.