Michelle O'Connor

Position title: Principal

Website: Moxie Consulting

photo of Michelle O'Connor

Michelle O’Connor is a seasoned culinary expert with over twenty years of dedicated
experience in the natural and organic prepared foods industry. As the visionary behind
Moxie Consulting, Michelle delivers uniquely tailored operational and recipe costing
support to co-ops, natural food stores, and restaurants throughout North America. With
her strategic acumen and meticulous attention to detail, Michelle empowers
establishments to navigate the dynamic food production landscape ensuring sustainable
growth and profitability without compromising values or quality.

Having worked as a chef in diverse settings, from fine dining to vegan farm-to-table,
Michelle brings a wealth of culinary knowledge to her work. Her leadership at the Ashland
Food Coop, where she led a team of 60 through two major renovations while tripling sales
and meeting all financial goals speaks volumes about her expertise in staJ development,
menu costing and operational management.

Energetic, insightful, and endlessly creative, Michelle is dedicated to guiding her clients
towards culinary excellence. She finds deep fulfillment and considers herself fortunate to
have discovered a vocation that brings her immense joy and passion.

Michelle’s collaborative spirit shines through her partnership with Thought for Food
Consulting, co-hosting a biannual deli operations seminar. This vibrant event fosters
innovation and education, uniting passionate professionals eager to excel in their craft.

For those seeking transformative solutions and unparalleled expertise, Michelle invites you
to reach out via email at michelle@moxie.consulting or visit DeliOps101.com.