Julie O'Dwyer

Position title: Vice President of the Board of Directors, Ashland Food Co-op

Julie O'dwyer

As a designer of space and creator of community, Julie uses her architectural background to design innovative solutions for people and places. Her community building includes founding of the Splinter Group, a building professional peer group; establishing the Siskiyou School as one of the founding families; leading Greeters for the Ashland Chamber of Commerce; and initiating the Ashland Design Studio, as a local resource hub for design. For over 7 years, Julie has also served as Vice President for the Ashland Food Co-op; currently chairing the AFC Gives committee and spearheading the Expansion Initiative. Recently, as a founder of Local Innovation Works, she saw the need for local investment into the entrepreneurial enterprises that will diversify a local economy. This passion for enriching her community lead her to the development of Mi Valle Mi Hogar, where she acted as the general manager of the newly formed non-profit. She is currently coordinating construction and housing efforts for the Jackson County Community Long Term Recovery Group and Southern Oregon’s After the Fire chapter to facilitate the creation of visionary housing options for communities of Southern Oregon; that were devasted by the Almeda fire; by placing social and financial equity at the forefront of the development of new community housing.