Cris Rivera

Finance and HR Manager, Durham Co-op Market

Cris Rivera headshot

Cris is our Finance and HR Manager. A Durhamite for 20+ years, Cris graduated from both Duke (post-modern literature) and Durham Tech (accounting), and local foodies may remember them from a tenure as the Big Cheese at Fowler’s in the late 90’s. After leaving the sales floor, Cris wore many hats, such as documentary videographer, nonprofit auditor, and small business consultant. Before the Co-oop, they most recently served as finance manager for Student Action With Farmworkers, a nonprofit that brings students and farmworkers together to advocate for better work conditions.  At SAF, Cris was a proud card-carrying member of their union and contract negotiation team, and was excited to see how these values jive with DCM’s hybrid worker/consumer cooperative structure and commitment to creating an equitable work place. When not producing financials or resolving a conflict, Cris passes the time serving as ad hoc parish chef for First Presbyterian Church-Durham.