Ahzjah Simons

General Manager, Sevananda Natural Food Co-op

Ahzjah Simons head shot

Ahzjah Simons is the General Manager and Cooperative Director of Sevananda Natural Food Co-op in Atlanta, one of the largest cooperatives in the Southeast. She previously served at Sevananda for 9 years (05-14) in the roles of Member Services Manager, Marketing Manager, Publisher of Co-options M Magazine, Interim GM Team Member, and Board President, 2014-2015. Ahzjah is a seasoned creative, innovative, professional with over 15 years of experience in publishing, broadcast media, marketing and promotions, community partnerships, and empowerment events. She has the unique ability to provide specialized and customized support services to individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations through collaborative leadership, innovation, and vision.

She pioneered a variety of cutting edge media projects, including Co-op 101 on Atlanta’s number one community radio station, WRFG, which aired from 2007-2012 and Cooperative living at Co-op Central online portal. She also serves as a Board Member of the GCDC (Georgia Cooperative Development Center, a non profit dedicated to providing resources for startup cooperatives and other organizations interested in the cooperative model. In addition to serving on the GCDC Board, she serves as Treasurer of the Little 5 Alliance, a local community collaborative group working to leverage, share, and maximize local resources to achieve a variety of collective community goals. She is also founder of The Children’s Wellness Network and Conscious Living Omni Media Group, (Healing Humanity Through Media) who’s current projects are iJourney TV Holistic Health Television and The Ripple, a Music, Marketing, and Media Cooperative.  She also supports the incubation of Sevananda Community Health Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to co-op cooperative entrepreneurship education, food justice, and human equity through school gardens, farmers markets, water education, creative expression, and food therapy.