Tony White

Position title: General Manager

Website: Skagit Valley Food Co-op

photo of Tony White

Lives in Anacortes, WA with his wife Joan. Enjoys the beauty of the PNW that includes an abundance of wildlife suck as eagles, herons, sealions and orcas. Is an avid boater and enjoys cruising the San Juan and Gulf Islands on their Ranger Tug.

In January of 2020 became the GM at Skagit Valley Food Co-op (SVFC) in Mount Vernon, WA. SVFC is a full-service food co-op with an emphasis on Prepared Foods. SVFCh has annual sales of 23 million and employees approximately 150 people. Prior to taking the GM job at SVFC was employed at NCG as the Western Corridor Development Advisor for 4 years. Is experienced in all aspects of retail, HR, POS, Marketing and Finance.

Prior to my time at NCG, I was employed at Hanover Consumer Co-Op for 18 years, the last six years as Operations Director. During my employment at Hanover, I was provided the opportunity to obtain my Master’s Degree in Management of Cooperatives and Credit Unions, from Saint Mary’s University (SMU) in Halifax, graduating in 2013.