CCMA June 8-10, sacramento, Ca Cooperative vitality: reconnection and resilience

Join us June 8-10, 2023!

Sacramento is not only the capital of California, it is America’s Farm to Fork City, a culinary destination that is sure to delight! Also known as Tree City, Sacramento is a lush oasis of bougainvillea and palms, prolific fruit trees and mighty oaks. We are thrilled to bring CCMA back to Sacramento for the first time since 1995! Our host cooperatives, Sacramento Natural Food Co-op, Davis Food Co-op, BriarPatch Food Co-op, and Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, are excited to share their co-ops and communities with CCMA attendees!


As CCMA returns to Sacramento after nearly 30 years, we honor and reflect upon its nickname, “City of Trees.” Sacramento’s tree canopy is thick with elms, oaks, sycamores, and hundreds more species that together cover nearly a quarter of the urban landscape. Trees are critical to the health of our planet and an indispensable part of mitigating climate change and biodiversity collapse. Forest ecosystems are regenerative, and they work in harmony. Trees reach for the sun, harnessing solar energy. Below, the ground teems with unseen fungal networks, breaking down forest floor debris.

For the last century, the cooperative movement has used the twin pines emblem to symbolize the power and promise of cooperation. The pine tree is an ancient symbol of endurance. The two trees together represent the strength in mutual cooperation—people helping people. Deeply rooted local institutions, such as our cooperatives, are an essential element of thriving, diverse communities. CCMA 2023 will shed light on the many ways cooperatives, like forests, foster connection, regeneration, and community vitality.

What can you expect from CCMA 2023?

  • Engaging keynote speakers highlighting issues impacting the cooperative movement
  • Breakout sessions featuring your cooperative peers sharing their lessons learned and strategies for the future
  • Co-op tours highlights the local gems that Sacramento has to offer
  • Social activities to connect and network with food cooperative peers

Important Dates

About CCMA

CCMA is the national annual conference for food cooperative directors, management, staff, and sector allies. The CCMA conference is organized by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives with assistance from a planning committee comprised of co-op managers and board members, representatives from cooperative associations, development organizations, financial partners and other various allies.

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